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Ray Williams

Sales Manager


Paul Sebastian

Marketing Executive


Welcome to Quality Rock Q105.3

Since signing on in July of 1991, The ‘Q’ has been a different kind of radio station.  In some ways, it’s the antithesis of what you’re used to hearing on the radio dial.  The industry nomenclature says our format is Rock AC, but we think Q105.3 is beyond labels.
Here’s what makes us different:
•    A wide playlist.  We have close to 3500 different tunes in our library.  We go deep into CDs and play songs you don’t normally hear on the radio.
•    No repeats.  We don’t play the same song over and over again.  There are no repeats 6am to midnight.
•    Core artists – We play Van Morrison, Jimmy Buffett, Elton John, The Beatles and the Eagles: songs from your past, the quality rock of today, and deep cuts that you won’t hear anywhere else.
•    No Talk-Overs – we love the music as much as you do so we never talk over the songs.  At Q105.3 we respect the artists’ integrity and don’t step on their creativity.
•    No games, no gimmicks- We’re here for the music, so we don’t take time away from it for contests.  When we do have prizes like concert tickets and cash, we give you a chance to win those on
•    No Comedian – We’re not comedians and you know what, neither are some of the DJs on other stations who think they are.  Our DJs will not get in the way of the music.  Every once in a while Brady McGraw, Lyndy Brannen and Jerry Rogers might give you a thought or two about what’s going on in Savannah, but they’ll try to do it quickly and in good taste.  By the way, they know what’s going on in Savannah because they have been on the air locally for more than 100 years combined.
•    News and Information – Q105.3 keeps you informed with local newscasts every 30 minutes in morning drive and Associated Press updates throughout the day.  There are frequent weather updates from Jeff Kirk, Jonathan Meyers, Chris Justice, Beth Eckard and Dee Anne Rowe, plus traffic information throughout the day.
•    Interactive Programming – You can e-mail your suggestions to us for the ‘Select-A-Set,' ‘Buffett Break’ and ‘Beatles Block’ and hear the songs you picked on the air.
•    Q105.3 is the station that you can listen to with your kids and not be embarrassed – No ‘shock jocks’ here on The 'Q'.
•    Locally owned.  We are Savannah’s ONLY locally owned broadcast station.  In this age of consolidation and conglomerates we are truly the last of a breed.  We believe it’s important to be local – and WE ARE.

The ‘Q’ isn’t just a radio station, it’s your LOCAL radio station and a way of life. You can also experience it for yourself via our live stream at

For Information on advertising with Quality Rock Q105.3, please e-mail Ray Williams.

Why Advertise?
•    Advertising creates store traffic.
•    Advertising attracts new customers.
•    Advertising boosts and maintains moral.
•    Advertising is an investment in success.
•    Advertising encourages repeat business.
•    Advertising generates continuous business.
•    Advertising keeps your business top-of-mind.
•    Advertising keeps you in the competitive race.
•    Advertising gives your business a successful image.
•    Businesses that succeed are usually strong, steady advertisers.

Why Radio?
•    Radio can reach on-the-go consumers.
•    Radio allows you to establish a special relationship with consumers.
•    Radio can cost-effectively break through the lines of media bombardment.
•    Radio's unique, specialized formats allow you to target your best prospective consumers.
•    Radio reaches prospective consumers closest to the point of purchase.
•    Radio can bridge the gaps left by other media options.
•    Radio is king for establishing top-of-mind-awareness.
•    Radio can complement other advertising platforms.
•    Radio's listenership remains strong while time spent with other media declines.


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