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Jay Morgan

Where were you born? How long have you lived in Savannah?    Born in Rome, GA, lived in Savannah 15 yrs

What is your favorite food?    Chinese &  Philly Cheese Steaks   

Favorite beverage?    (soft)  Diet Dr. Pepper     (hard)  Red Stripe Beer

Who is your favorite music artist(s)?   group Pink Floyd,  artist Jimmy Buffet

What is the best concert you ever attended?    Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Tour 1973 Atlanta Fulton County Stadium or the Simon & Garfunkel reunion in Central Park  ‘83

Last book you read?  Next by Michael Crichton     

Best movie of all time?  Pulp Fiction

How many pets do you have?  2 dogs: Molly & Trudy     11 cats: Anastsia, Vincent, Boo, Tabby, Betty, Clarise, Tubbs, Minny, Pumpkin, Jackson and Pheobe 

2 rabbits   3 fish and  Roscoe the Bearded Dragon

What TV show(s) are you addicted to?   24  

If you could meet any person, alive or dead, who would it be?   John F. Kennedy