Renee 1/4/11
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Last summer I enrolled in school.  It was an easy transition for me and not too difficult to fit in with the younger crowd.  Actually, there are quite a few 'Golden Guys and Girls' back on college campuses these days, I am not so overwhelmed.  Everyone wants to better themselves.

I like school a lot.  This time, there is a specific goal in mind that is workable.  And on my campus, students are there to take care of business and you see it on the faces of the student body.  It is hard work.  I push myself hard and it's paying off - four classes and 4-A's!  Ready to start another term to reach another level. Cool!

Because I am a Beatles fan, 2010 was a great year.  Paul is now a Kennedy Center honoree and Ringo tours with the All Starr Band and stays in the news.  Ringo once said that at any given moment, somewhere in the world, there is a Beatles song playing.  He said this way before iPods. Keep on pushing guys. Radical.

Everyone, continue to move forward.  Til next time,

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